• Missing part

    Missing part

    10 years of married life, 10 years no site updates, 10 years using public social media resources that failed.

  • Outside Moscow

    Outside Moscow

    Photographs show everyday life of Russian province. So called province that is about 300-500 kilometers away from Moscow. No social subject, no preparation, no staging. Just regular life of regular people the way I saw it.

  • Abroad


    Photographs, shot during indicative visitis to several places and countries. 2009–2012.

  • Cuba


    The sharpest impression of Cuba I've got, was an impression of running after two black guys, who tried to hide in Havana's alleys with my camera. It was on the second day of my stay on the island.

  • Asia


    Early visits to Asian Countries with now certain reason. All made during 2005–2006. Lasted for three weeks each.


Igor Askarov. Was born 20 may 1981 in Russia, settlement Udelnaya, near Moscow, where he lives since.

Graduated from Moscow Power Engineering Institute in 2004.

Considers rangefinder camera and bicycle to be his best acquisitions.

The most interesting job he ever made, was programming the main onboard scientific unit of Myasishev M-55 airplane.

juks@juks.ru, skype: gtjuks